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About Nissa

I am an adventure seeking cross between a biker chick and sailing, beach bum. Watch out for Mamma Bear because my family and friends mean the world to me! I love to wear high-heeled boots and flip-flops in the same day. Watching the sunset on a beach or sunrise over the mountains brings out my inner peace. The smell of lilacs in the spring, sun shimmering on a calm lake in the summer and the crisp afternoon air in October makes living in Minnesota tolerable but I have to travel. People say they can hear my laugh from across the room.  I work until my eyes can’t be pried open with toothpicks or until my body gives out but I play just as hard. I love meeting new people; a room full of strangers truly is just a bunch of friends that I haven’t been blessed to meet. Yet!
OH…and I say it like it is!


Direct line: 507-380-1833